Reviews From 29 Prime Clients

Our product offerings are rooted in an industry that has for years been mysterious and inaccessible to new-comers in the Search Engine Optimization marketplace. Many online marketing companies have only further confused public understanding in an effort to make their products more precious and valuable. At 29 Prime we believe in educating our clients in Online Marketing and to providing both opportunities for growth of their business and greater understanding of online marketing practices. See what so many of our clients have to say about us.

Video Reviews

  • Alex Jelev, co-owner of Vadeal Print, has seen his listing move into the #1 and #2 spot for their top keyterms.

  • Katie Noury from Neptune's Den - Salon for Men reviews 29 Prime's service. She is very satisfied with her results.

  • Scott Nelson from Kastle Plumbing reviews 29 Prime's service. He has been with 29 Prime for a few years.

  • In all my years of dealing with phone service Jessica stands as the best of the best. Excellent service and be so knowledgeable!

    Fusion Plumbing - J.P

  • Devin Christy went above and beyond to help me get my website to where I wanted it to be. On a scale of 1 to 10 I proudly give you an 11!

    Jennifer's Cleaning - D.C.

  • Extremely helpful in helping me understand the process and getting me the information I needed to take the next steps necessary to proceed.

    Fitness Kings – W.C.

  • Shane was really easy to talk to and understood my need, i have a real scene of moving forwards and cant wait to see results.

    Island Generator Co – J.E.

  • Enjoyed the set up process , very organized and professional , expect to see great results , based on his advisory skills.

    Peninsula Flooring - J.O.

  • The 29 team made me feel comfortable using your services. The training they had must have been top notch. Great customer service!!!

    SeekingSitters - J.H.

  • Christal was very patient and encouraged me to contact her on my return for further clarification & assistance in this marketing endeavor

    Jeanine Hansen CosMed – J.H.

  • My experience with my client advisor was a good one. Shane was helpful and tried to help me understand the things that I did not.

    ProClean Solutions – B.P.

  • The client advisor handled the situation in very professional manner anf I could not expect anyone to do better.

    Frederick R. Pokorny PE - F.P

  • He was super helpful, super patient, and I have gotten more knowledge with his help in one call then I have with anyone else!!

    Childress Construction - S.C.

  • She was courteous, patient, knowledgeable and helpful. Her insight into the marketing process was very valuable.

    TCE Constructors, Inc. – S.V.

  • We were not referenced in our area and the area we are trying to reach. She helped in identifying my area for marketing purposes.

    Minuteman Press – T.H.

  • Shane was very thorough and handled my issue with the utmost professionalism. Shane covered all questions in a professional manner.

    Driving Arizona LLC - D.A.

  • We are a new client, and so far my experience has been nice. Very polite and helpful people so far. Thank you!

    SeekingSitters - J.H.

  • Alex should be the model agent. I can feel that she is with me and working For me. She is reassuring, thorough, professional, nice to talk to.

    Sue's General Cleaning – S.M.

  • 29 Prime works with me and not against me like some of the prior SEO companies I have used before and that makes all the difference. Thank You!

    American Family Insurance – M.S.

  • Angus took my call and went through all aspects of my account and updated all kinds of things to help my rankings.

    Silver Olas Carpet – J.O.

  • Miguel was concise, friendly and prompt in dealing with the questions I had called about. Excellent customer service.

    808 Fades Barber Shop – J.A.

  • My client was very reliable when I started having trouble. He was very well spoken out I could understand him very clearly.

    Best Of Cleaning – R.S.

  • I feel that Jessica was real informative and knowledgeable in her area. She was real helpful with the questions I had.

    KDB Electric - M.A.

  • Extremely satisfied with the assistance he gave me in building the web site services portion.

    Aging Younger - S.T.

  • I had some important question they were taken care of quickly. I walk away with a better understanding thank you.

    Morrison Homes – G.A.

  • Polite and courteous, professional and helpful. What I would hope for when speaking to customer service rep.

    Michigan Wellness Group – W.R.

  • Kunthon was extremely helpful! My boss has given me the task of contacting 29'Prime and getting the services running.

    Air Systems AC – F.A.

  • Jessica was very helpful explaining the services I signed up for and took the time to get my information correctly.

    House of Andala Lamp – M.H.

  • Being age 85 I don't have an immediate grasp of computerisms. Christal was very patient with me and I do appreciate that.

    Paradise Waterbeds – K.T.

  • I had a few questions and also needed help with my keywords and locations. Donyeau was courteous and knowledgeable.

    Silver Cloud Cakes – B.A.

  • Shane all of our questions and went above and beyond the call of duty to help us with our business's needs to optimize for online!

    Shahla Dorriz Bridal – A.D.

  • Cristal was very patient with me and willing repeated the parts I did not understand and waited until I identified the items I couldn't find.

    Grout Rescue – R.S.

  • Taught us how to have our customers to do reviews on our site. Which we were not aware of before. Very informative.

    B & B Wireless – W.A.

  • Jessica was great. She understood and found the best person to solve my massive problems with your service thus far.

    Mateel Cafe – C.Y.

  • Kuthon was very nice and explained everything in detail. He very easily answered my questions and put me at ease.

    BB's Weddings & Events – B.B.

  • Alex is knowledgeable and very responsive and has a great feel for what business people are looking for and need in this infancy stage. - L.H.

  • Very pleasant and easy to work with. I have saved her information for future if I have problems with my account.

    Behny Roofing & Siding - T.B.

  • Leonelle been very patient and she helped me out and do what I asked to provide me with the best suggestions to promote my business.

    Alteration Boutique – T.D.

  • After talking with JP not only have I decided to stay with you I am excited about working with our site.

    Sunset Landscaping – P.C.

  • Jessica provided me with the 10 search words, and some of them placed my company on the top third position as listed.

    Carolina Polyglot – W.D.

  • Understanding of my needs and able to help me navigate my page successfully. Also made sure I knew that I could contact him for any further assistance.

    Stephanie's Alterations – S.D.

  • Shane was very knowledgable and patient. He quickly solved my problem and checked everything else in my account to help my seo be the best it could.

    Super Vape'z E Cigarettes – M.H.

  • Everyone was great and are doing everything they have promised. I would recommend anyone doing a site for business to let 29' Prime do your SEO.

    Knowledge 12 Systems – R.P.

  • She explained to me that it will take time for me to show up under some of the keywords so I just have to be patent.

    Con Air Heating - L.W.

  • He understood my worries, my goals,he explained that his goal is for my business to be on the first page and get me some business.

    My Favorite Florist - O.G.

  • Great guy, very clear, and understandable. Polite, and very helpful. If decides look for a career in construction, I would love to have him.

    Peak Performance - C.S.

  • very helpful. very professional, courteous, and has a great grasp of what it truly means to be of service to your customer.

    Richards Florists – R.P.

  • The gentlemen answered my questions without hesitation, he was very professional and personable. Thank you very much for everything!!

    Dynamic Contractors - E.H.

  • She called me back and followed through with all my concerns. She answered all of my question and fixed all the problems. Excellent services!

    The Caring Minds Center - M.B.

  • Jessica was very kind and helpful. She did help with all our needs and was quiet inviting. Thanks 29 Prime

    Cisco Electric - F.R.

  • I have a very good and informative experience with my client advisor in regards to website standing on googles and other search engine.

    Nature's Design, Inc. - C.L.